Symphony of Trees - Henry County, Ohio

Symphony of Trees - Henry County, Ohio

Symphony of Trees
Supporting children in Northwest Ohio:
to you it is a donation; to them it is a lifeline
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Our Mission
My sincere HOPE for Symphony of Trees in 2020:

In its twenty-year lifespan, our organization has grown quickly from a group of community members gathering on a Saturday afternoon to a yearly five-day fundraising event hosted in Napoleon, Ohio. We have expanded our platform to include a Dinner Theatre event and Witches Brew, both which have blossomed into beloved annual happenings that increase the strength of our community while growing support for our cause. The Symphony of Trees (501c3) was created in 2000 to meet a specific and immediate need in our community. We are reminded here, of our purpose:

“Supporting children in Northwest Ohio: to you it was a donation; to them it was a lifeline”.

From the beginning, Family Courts and the Henry County Hospital could see firsthand the ways our community was struggling to support families and children in need. The hospital was unable to help uninsured families and those with no means to pay for healthcare. They were dealing with a breakdown within our families, a disease with many causes. Solutions came in the form of The Center for Child and Family Advocacy to help these families learn how to parent, teach lifestyle, deal with alcoholism, drug use and mental health. They also specialize in the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse and domestic violence. Northwest CASA continues to recruit and train community volunteers who act and advocate for the children who have experienced neglect and abuse.

Symphony of Trees sprang to life to bring financial support and increased awareness to these existing programs. It is an organization that gives direction and structure to those wanting to help, making clear actionable ways anyone can join in the fight to protect and build up FAMILY in our community by supporting our children.

This year, our hearts are overflowing with HOPE for what we can achieve. With continued support of these incredible agencies, they WILL go forward in their crusade to change lives right here where we live. Our hearts are also filled with an URGENCY to do more. Statistics have made evident, the opioid crisis in our area needs our care and our attention NOW as it continues to wreak havoc on both the children and families of our community.

Please join us. We need your help.

Our board consists of everyday women and men who live here and see the work that is needed firsthand. We look diligently for volunteers from all walks of life who have the same desire to help. We ask not only for your financial support through this 2020 year, but your volunteerism. Together, we will surely take steps towards eradicating the abuse that dwells here by supporting those that we call our neighbors.

This endeavor to make a change is all encompassing. I see it as a blessing for our community, as well as a blessing to all who are involved.

All Gratitude,

2020 Chairperson, Katie Meyers
Mailing Address
Symphony of Trees, Inc., PO Box 14, Napoleon, Ohio 43545

If the mission of Symphony of Trees speaks to you and you wish to partner with us, please consider a donation and improve the lives of children.
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